Who We Are

We are high-efficiency hybrids: business communicators with entertainment experience. We put the fun in functions … find the art in strategy…and help you unscramble communications in general. We work with your team to create market-changing experiences that build awareness, understanding, credibility, and acceptance of new ideas, products, and positioning.

We help you win over any audience: internal, alliance, customer, supply chain, even international stakeholders.


Welcome to the convergence of industry, education and entertainment. Your employees, customers, vendors and alliance partners expect your communication efforts to be every bit as engaging as what they see online...on TV...and at the movies. And of course, your executive team wants a measurable take-away.

However, dealing with those same employees, customers, vendors and alliance partners on a daily basis makes it hard to find the time to be the detail-oriented, innovative, market-mastering visionary you'd like to be.

You Need Specialists, But Not All the Time.

Maybe you face a high-visibility challenge, such as a product launch or a major conference or event...

Maybe you are understaffed, overextended or just ramping up…

Maybe you need a new idea or approach…

Maybe keeping all the stakeholders up-to-speed is consuming all your time, patience, budget, and secret stash of antacids.

We can help. We can handle the hassles, from tight turnarounds to labor-intensive product launches and conferences. Pay for services you need, when you need them.

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